#05: Damage prevention

The cards Avoiding, Shockwave, Endurance, Ene.Absorb, Breath, Barrier, Teleport and Taiyoken all have one thing in common: they negate damage. Some avoid beams while others block melee attacks.
Endurance is different in that it doesn’t negate ALL damage, but it does lower any damage taken from both beam and melee cards.
Ene.Absorb is perhaps the odd one out of the bunch, because not only does it avoid any damage, it also refills your life a little. It can only be used by Androids 19 and 20.
Breath can be used by Recoome and all forms of Buu, and for the rest is the same as the Avoiding card. The same goes for Teleport (Goku, Vegetto, Cell) and Barrier (Vegetto, Android 17, Cell, Cell Jr).
Taiyoken negates damage from Melee attacks and can be used by a variety of characters: Krillin, Goku, Vegetto, Ginyu-in-Goku’s-body, Cell and Cell Jr.


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