#09: Stat-Lowering Cards

#09: Stat-Lowering Cards

Most of the cards in this particular list generally either lower one of your opponents’ stats. For example the Kiai and Scouter cards lower your opponents ‘Guard’, making them more vulnerable to damage. Gravity DeviceSupreme Kai and Chiaotzu all slow down the enemy (which effects turn order and the ability to dodge attacks), but have different costs and accuracy ratings. Paralysis can only be used by Guldo and works the same as the previous mentioned cards.

Kaio lowers the opponent’s ki stat which affects their beam attacks and Stare Down affects the opponent’s str stat which determines melee damage. Sealed Ball and Heart Virus lower the attack power of the opponent while Medical Machine (Card Number 100) cancels out the previous cards and so much be used after the previous two cards.

The question is whether you would want to use these cards to weaken your opponent rather than powering up your own character. It really is up to you. If an opponent is evading all your attacks then slowing them down might tip the odds in your favour. Most of these cards are also cheap and can generally be used at any time in the battle to be effective. It is worth putting a few in your deck to surprise your opponent


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