#02: Stage Attack Stoppers

This time we’ll look at some cards that are used defensely. These are cards which when used will stop an enemy’s stage attack. It should be noted that only computer players are completely stopped with this card. A human player could potentially fix their stage attack to make the attack succeed, but the higher the stage attack number the more difficult that can be.

Computer players can never ‘fix’ stage attacks the way human players do, so they will always fail their stage attack when these cards are used. However computer players never mess up their stage attacks, so they have one advantage over us in that regard.

These cards are reasonably common and can be picked up in story mode and battle mode.

It should be mentioned that Time Freeze can only be used by Guldo. This card can be put onto Guldo’s limit slots and can be used multiple times. Have fun spamming Time Freeze on your enemy and making them fail their stage attacks over and over!


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