#08: Healing Cards

Unlike most cards which deal damage, these cards allow you to recover your lost health. It’s worthwhile noting that your health can never exceed 100%. If you use a health recovering card and your lifebar is almost full, you won’t be reaping the full benefits of the healing effects.

Dende and Life Preserver (No.099, which is called Medical Machine in some versions) will increase the user’s health, Dende heals slightly more health than Life Preserver. It’s always worthwhile to use these cards in your deck, as you can often neglect you own character’s health.

Resurrection is slightly different. Firstly it is only used by certain characters including Piccolo, Cell and Buu. As it is a character specific card, it can be placed on limits and therefore could be used multiple times. When this card is used in the attack phase, it recovers twice as much health. Definitely not a card to underestimate.

We mentioned Energy Absorber a while back but it’s worthwhile to mention that the card does have a slight healing effect. However in comparison with Life Preserver it doesn’t heal much.

In conclusion, don’t forget to consider healing cards somewhere in your deck. When used correctly they can save you character from a deadly blow, but also prolong the battle and increases you survival ability.


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