#14: Recoome

Recoome, his name rhymes with doom, kaboom and mushroom! As his anime and manga counterpart demonstrates, his main skills lie with physical attacks, however he does possess an energy attack which is quite powerful.

– Recoome Fighting Bomber Attack (melee, 24cc, 35pow, 50acc)
– Eraser Cannon 
(beam, 18cc, 25pow, 90acc)
– Breath 
(dodge, 5cc, avoid beam)

In some ways, Recoome could be considered a tricky character to use. His RFB Attack does a lot of damage, but then it also requires a large amount of cc and has a large change for the target to dodge it. Recoome also has Eraser Cannon which does a good deal of damage, but his main strength lies in Str. In terms of his other stats, he can be compared to Nappa. His Speed is reasonable and he has a fair amount of Life points.

Ultimate you will want to go with one of three strategies:
– Acquire plenty of Accuracy Up type cards and use them to boost your RFB chances
– Upgrade Ki and use Eraser Gun & Energy Wave
– Upgrade Str and use Cont Punch & Cont Kick (my personal preference for battle mode)


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