#15: Kid Trunks

Goten’s best buddy Trunks is the stronger of the two in the anime and manga, and the same is true for this game. Their stats are sort of similar but Trunks has something going for him that Goten lacks: a strong and reliable Melee move.
Burning Atk (beam, 19cc, 25pow, 100acc)
Flash Punch (melee, 19cc, 25pow, 100acc)

Super Saiyan only:
Fin.Buster (beam, 26cc, 35pow, 100acc)

Kid Trunks does not have a whole lot of health, so I recommend upgrading Life once to get it above 100. Other than that it’s up to you whether you prefer to boost his Ki and/or Str stat. Using this guy as a mixed attacker is definitely not a bad idea.


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