#16: Captain Ginyu

Leader of the Ginyu’s Special Forces, he is one of the strongest of the Namek Saga fighters, if you play as him you only face base form Saiyans whereas if you play as Freeza you will fight Super Saiyans. While his poses are silly, he is actually very strong, particularly in hand to hand combat. He only possesses a few moves but they are quite powerful.

Dynamite Punch (melee, 20cc, 25pow, 100acc)

Only in Ginyu’s original body:
Body Change (beam, 20cc, –pow, 80acc)

Only while body-changed with Goku
Super Kamehameha (beam, 23cc, 30pow, 100acc)

There are several things worth mentioning here. Ginyu’s melee move Dynamite Punch is a fairly strong attack, which does quite a bit of damage. It’s one of the strongest physical attacks in the game and one the computer players perform a lot. Body Change is different to a lot of beam attacks in that it does a variable amount of damage which is proportional to the enemy’s healthbar. That is to say, the lower opponent’s health is, the less damage it will do. This means it is great at the start of the match but becomes less and less useful as time goes by. It can be avoided but not endured. Reports from players also state that Kibito won’t block the damage from Body Change. Unlike some of the console games, Body Change only does damage and does not swap your characters (due to limitations of the game system).

While Ginyu is in his Ginyu>Goku form, he loses the ability to perform Body Change, however he does gain access to Goku’s signature move, Super Kamehameha. Do be aware that you do not gain any of Goku’s other moves, not even the basic Kamehameha.

I would say that Ginyu>Goku is the better choice, since he has a more predictable amount of damage for his beam attack, and he looks pretty cool in that purple outfit too.


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