#19: Gohan

The adolescent version of Gohan has no playable base form in this game. You have access to Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ form mentioned above.

His moveset is largely the same as Kid Gohan’s, but he can no longer use Tail or F.Kamehameha. In his ‘Ultimate’ form, Dunk Shot becomes unusable as well.

Masenko (beam, 18cc, 25pow, 95acc)
Kamehameha (beam, 16cc, 20pow, 100acc)
S.Kamehameha (beam, 23cc, 30pow, 100acc)
Sup.Saiyan-2 (item, 7cc, Ki Up, 100acc)
Sup.Saiyan-3 (item, 7cc, Str Up, 100acc)

Super Saiyan & Super Saiyan 2 Only
Dunk Shot (melee, 19cc, 25pow, 100acc)

Once you unlock this character, Gohan’s stats carry over from his kid self (but any future upgrades to Kid Gohan’s character do not carry over). Based on that, you can form your own strategy on how to use him.

Gohan has a fairly balanced moveset in his Super Saiyan forms. You can use the Sup.Saiyan powerup cards to boost your Ki or Strength, depending on your strategy.

Keep in mind that if you like to use his ‘Ultimate’ form, you don’t have many options regarding melee moves, except for the basic Cont.Punch and Cont.Kick.


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