#24: Vegito

Vegito is the fused version of Goku and Vegeta, via the magic of the Potara earrings. Although Potara fusions typically cannot be undone, the heroes are swallowed by Majin Buu and thus de-fuse while inside.

Vegito can be considered the combination of the best attributes of both Vegeta and Goku. While this is true, the fusion process makes them exponentially more powerful, and in this game, grants them exclusive new moves.

– Kamehameha (beam, 16cc, 20pow, 100acc)
– Galick Gun (beam, 17cc, 20pow, 100acc)
– Destructo Disk (beam, 18cc, 25pow, 95acc)
– Atomic Break (damage, 20cc, 25pow, 100acc)
– Big Bang Attack (beam, 23cc, 30pow, 90acc)
– S.Kamehameha (beam, 23cc, 30pow, 100acc)
– Flash Sword (beam, 26cc, 35pow, 100acc)

– Sup.Saiyan-2 (item, 7cc, Ki Up, 100acc)
– Sup.Saiyan-3 (item, 7cc, Str Up, 100acc)
– Taiyoken (dodge, 5cc, Avoid Melee, -)
– Barrier (dodge, 5cc, Avoid Beam, -)
– Teleport (dodge, 5cc, Avoid Beam, —)

Vegito has a lot of moves, the most of any playable character. He only has one form which is his super saiyan form. While he has access to Big Bang Attackyou may want to just use S.Kamehameha instead because it is more accurate.

His unique moves are Atomic Break, a hard-hitting melee attack and Flash Sword, a nice-looking and strong beam attack. Vegito is a character for novices and masters alike. Whether you choose to use low cost or high cost moves is up to you. There are also plenty of dodge-based cards which look nice and do a great job of dodging enemy moves when used at the right time. You’re sure to have a super time playing as Vegito.


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