#05: Guldo

Guldo, the only Ginyu Force member who does not wear a scouter. He excels in telekinetic abilities and stopping time. He favours Beam attacks and has no unique Damage attacks.

– Telekinesis (beam, 14cc, 20pow, 90acc)
– M.Soundwave (beam, 10cc, 15pow, 100acc)
– Paralysis (item, 5cc, lowers enemy speed, 95acc)
– Time Freeze (dodge, 1cc, makes stage attack fail)

Guldo’s main skill lies in beam attacks and making the enemy’s stage attacks fail. His low cost beam attacks (particularly M.Soundwave) are great for a rapid succession of attacks. The item/dodge based unique cards he has are great for playing mind games with the enemy and making battles that much tougher. Weak when used by the computer player, but can be utilised quite well by a good player.


One thought on “#05: Guldo

  1. Goldo’s an awesome character. the most versatile of all the Ginyu Force, in my opinion, the only exception being that he doesn’t hance any damage attacks. with his Paralysis though, i’ve noticed that it only lasts for 1 round, so if Guldo gets the fast advantage the next round, it’ll go right back to the opponent in the next one. kinda tricky, but it can definitely be useful in a clinch.

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