#02: Burter

Kevtrev here. Burter is one of my favourite characters in Dragon Ball, so I’ve played as him a lot. I can tell you from experience that he’s quite useful despite his lack of versatility. My personal record with Burter in Battle Mode is 14 wins in a row.

As you all know, Burter likes to call himself the fastest being in the universe, even though Ginyu and Freeza are clearly faster than him. In this game, Burter IS fast. The only character with a higher Speed stat than him is Kid Buu.

Now the question is: should you upgrade Burter’s speed? My personal recommendation would be no, because you’re already outspeeding the vast majority of the cast as it is. The Afterimage card, which increases your Evasion, is very important. When using this card in combination with Burter’s speed, you’re almost guaranteed to avoid any of your opponent’s super moves. Should you still want to increase his speed, you can always put the Speed Up card in your limits.

– Speed Up (item, 7cc, Spd Up, 100acc)
– Mach Attack (melee, 17cc, 20pow, 100acc)

Tag moves with Jeice:
– Purple Comet (beam, 28cc, 40pow, 95acc)
– P Comet Z (melee, 31cc, 50pow, 100acc)

You’re better off upgrading Burter’s Strength stat to power up his Mach Attack. It also turns Cont.Punch into a fairly useful card, dealing a good amount of damage for just 10 CC. Don’t bother with Cont.Kick, because even with Burter’s speed it is still somewhat inaccurate and the opponents nearly always block it.

The Strength stat also slightly affects the damage your Stage Attacks will deal, so that’s another benefit. Don’t bother upgrading Burter’s Ki stat, unless you only use Energy Wave for some reason. Other than that, Burter has no ki-based moves worth using.

Yes, there are the Purple Comet and P Comet Z cards that he can use in combination with Jeice, but team battles are rare and those cards are so insanely powerful anyway that it’s not worth upgrading Burter’s Ki stat for.

So, to build a good Burter deck: Afterimage is a must. Don’t put any speed-increasing cards in there; if you really want one, put the Speed Up card in your limits. It’s a good idea to have some strength-increasing cards in your deck if you feel you need them, but not vital. Just keep your CC up while having Afterimage activated, and overwhelm the opponent with Melee attacks. In the event an opponent tries to be clever by using Champ.Belt (which negates all damage from Melee cards) then you can easily get rid of it with a low-cost Cont.Punch.


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