#10: Krillin

This time we’ll go over the human known as Krillin. One of the earliest Dragonball characters, he’s frequently the one making jokes and trying to be positive. His unique attacks manage to keep him safe from harm.

Krillin has several different types of beam attacks but no unique damage cards.

Kamehameha (beam, 20pow, 100% acc, 16cc)
Destructo Disc (beam, 25pow, 80% acc, 18cc)
Misty KiWave (beam, 30pow, 100% acc, 23cc)
Super Destructo Disc (beam, 40pow, 90% acc, 28cc)

In terms of damage vs cc cost, Super Destructo Disc and Destructo Disc present themselves as good options for offensive capabilities. However for a more reliable way of lowering enemy health, Kamehameha and Misty KiWave should be used.

Krillin has average stats, so you may wish to raise his ki stat a bit more than you would with other characters, to take advantage of his moves.


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