#11: Android 16

The silent killer that is Android 16 packs quite a punch.

Stats wise, his health is at a solid 110. You might want to upgrade both Strength and Ki once or twice, but I suggest trying out his moveset first, before deciding what works best for you personally.


Eye Beam (beam, 17cc, 20pow, 100acc)
Lock On (item, 4cc, accuracy up, 100acc)
Rocket Punch (melee, 18cc, 30pow, 30acc)
Hell Flash (beam, 26cc, 40pow, 70acc)

You’ll notice the extremely low accuracy on Hell Flash and Rocket Punch. Still, this does not make them useless, because 16 also has access to Lock On, which makes the next attack a guaranteed hit, unless the opponent uses Avoiding. The Shockwave card for blocking melee moves does not work on Rocket Punch, but Avoiding does.

If you can save up enough CC and time your attacks right, 16 is a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to outpredict your opponent, because you don’t want them to dodge the attacks that you spent so much CC on. If you can hit your foe with a Hell Flash, it’s as the card name says: it really hurts like hell.

Of course, if you want to be safe you can always go for Eye Beam, but that is kind of a boring choice 😉


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