#09: Piccolo

Piccolo is without a doubt one of the most popular non-Saiyan characters in the entire Dragonball series. So let’s see what he can do in LSW, shall we?

Masenko (beam, 18cc, 25pow, 95acc)
S.Beam Cannon (beam, 21cc, 30pow, 75acc)
Sonic Kick (melee, 18cc, 25pow, 100acc)
Resurrection (item, 10cc, recover health, 100acc)

Kami (fused) and above:
F.Lightbomb (beam, 25cc, 35pow, 100acc)

If you’re looking for a nice and balanced character, Piccolo is your man. As you can see, his cards cover just about everything: beam, melee and recovery.

So which beam card do you use? Take one look at the abysmal accuracy on S.Beam Cannon and you know the answer: that is not worth 21cc. Go for the safe option that is Masenko instead.
Sonic Kick is pretty much the melee equivalent of Masenko. Another solid choice there.

As for Resurrection, if you put it in your Limits you can basically keep restoring health as long as you have enough CC (so put a 6 stage attack in there too). It will not guarantee your victory, but it’s definitely not a bad card.
Note: the card says “1/2 effect in Def“. This means it restores twice as much HP in the Attack phase. So when do you use it? That’s up to you. It all depends on the flow of the battle and your preferred strategy.

So, all in all, Piccolo is quite a powerful character, right? His stats are high enough, his attacks basic but accurate. You can’t easily go wrong when you keep throwing those at your opponent while occasionally regenerating your health.

But wait! In his ‘fused with Kami’ state(‘God’ in-game), Piccolo gains one DEVASTATING attack: F.Lightbomb

My (Kevtrev’s) personal opinion on this card is that it’s AWESOME. It’s quite expensive, but you will love the damage it deals. Try it out and see what happens!

But that’s not all Piccolo has to offer! In addition to ‘base’ and ‘fused with Kami’, our favourite Namekian has one other form. In Ex.Story 1, talk to all the civilians on the map. Then, after you beat the game, rapidly press start on the “THE END” screen. That is how you unlock Evil King Piccolo. In this form, Piccolo has even higher stats than before and can use all of the cards mentioned above.

Editor’s Note: It sure is great looking back at DBZ Piccolo after watching the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai on Dragonball 🙂


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