Gameboy Color

The Gameboy Color was a portable console released by Nintendo. The successor to the previous ‘Gameboy’, the Gameboy Color featured an enhanced colour palette, which allowed for more realistic visual representations of characters. This method of colouring in the games was heavily embraced by the game developers who released a large amount of GBC games, eventually phasing out the old black and white models and disallowing backwards compatibility.

Besides Dragonball Z Legendary Super Warriors, two other excellent games for the Gameboy Color are Monkey Puncher and International Track & Field. Both feature RPG-style representations of statistics, hidden powers and detailed story modes.

Monkey Puncher in particular is like a cross between Rocky and Pokemon and offers the player a variety of training methods and strategies. International Track & Field allows the player to train up an athlete and compete in the Decathlon. Competing in 100m, High Jump and Javelin is very entertaining and the story mode keeps you entertained and compelled to play more.

For more information about the Gameboy Color console in general, visit the following page:


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