#07: Damage-dealing Items

In this game, dealing damage is most often done by using Stage Attacks, or special Beam and Melee cards like the Kamehameha. However, there are other cards that can deal small amounts of damage as well. They are far less powerful than your standard special moves, but at the same time don’t cost nearly as much.

The Naughty book card says ‘???’ but when you use it in the Attack phase it does slightly damage your opponent. In the Defense phase, many of these cards will negate any damage dealt by the opponent if he uses a Stage Attack.

Ene.Absorber deals damage but also adds a little to your own, essentially draining your opponent’s health (but doesn’t heal you to the same extent that Dende does). Then there is Dabura, which can kill your enemy in one hit, but its accuracy is only 20%. Note that accuracy-improving cards such as Reading Ki do NOT work in combination with the Dabura card. Accuracy boosting cards will only affect melee/beam moves and does not effect stage attacks or item cards. That would make the game a little too easy, wouldn’t it? Said accuracy-improving cards also don’t work with Stop Device, a card that can instantly kill the characters No.16, No.17, No.18, No.19 and No.20, if you are one space away from them. If you are too far away, the card will either miss or drain only half of the opponent’s life bar. Incidentally, androids themselves cannot use this card, as they would shut themselves down.

Note: If a card says ‘Knock Down’, it means the enemy will fall to the ground if they are in the air when they get hit.


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