#18: Goku

Well here we are, the main star of Dragonball himself, Son Goku! He’s fought virtually every major enemy, been in most of the movies and has a hairstyle worthy of acclaim. Goku’s always at the forefront of most of the plotlines, trying to be a good father while trying to save the galaxy at the same time.

Since this game skips the Raditz battle, the first time you play as him is in the third storymode battle against Vegeta. Then he’s out of action at the start of the Namek Saga and Android Saga. Goku has four forms and a wide variety of special moves at his disposal.

– Kamehameha (beam, 16cc, 20pow, 100acc)
– S.Kamehameha (beam, 23cc, 30pow, 100acc)
– Spirit Bomb (beam, 25cc, 35pow, 90acc)
– Solid Shot (melee, 19cc, 25pow, 100acc)
– Kaio Ken (item, 10cc, Increases Ki, 100acc)
– Teleport (dodge, 5cc, Avoid Beam, —)

Super Saiyan form and above
– Sup.Saiyan-2 (item, 7cc, Ki Up, 100acc)
– Sup.Saiyan-3 (item, 7cc, Str Up, 100acc)

As you can see, Goku has many moves, not least of which being Kamehameha. Most of the moves are very accurate, with Spirit Bomb being slightly less accurate, but doing a lot of damage when it hits. Goku created theSuper Kamehameha when battling Piccolo in Dragonball, so he can use it without being a super saiyan, unlike most characters. He also has his own unique damage move Solid Shot.

He can use Teleport to avoid beam attacks more stylishly and use theSup.Saiyan and Kaio Ken cards to augment his stats more than any other character.

Put it simply, don’t mess with Goku’s family if you want to come back in one piece!


One thought on “#18: Goku

  1. great character break-downs, brother. there are some details you failed to mention, though. Goku is also able to use Taiyoken(Solar Flare) to defend against damage attacks. and he cannot use Kaio-Ken as a Super Saiyan or Solid Shot as a Super Saiyan 3.

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