#04: Future Trunks

Ah, if only Vegeta had been dubbed King, then Trunks would’ve been the Half-Blood Prince. Oh well. He still packs quite the punch, in the manga/anime as well as in LSW.

This lavender-haired lad is kind of a mixed attacker. The majority of his moves are beam-based, but his melee card Rising Kick is one of his best.

Masenko (beam, 18cc, 25pow, 95acc)
Burning Attack (beam, 19cc, 25pow, 100acc)
Rising Kick (melee, 24cc, 30pow, 100acc)

As you see, this Trunks can even use Masenko. Whether you want to go with that or Burning Attack is completely up to you. When using his Super Saiyan version, though, you get three additional cards at your disposal:

Fin.Buster (beam, 26cc, 35pow, 100acc)
– Sup.Saiyan-2 (item, 7cc, Ki Up, 100acc)
– Sup.Saiyan-3 (item, 7cc, Str Up, 100acc)

The latter two cards are awesome; they make your already powerful attacks even more destructive. Again, it’s up to you what kind of approach you prefer: damage or ki? Maybe even both? Either way, you’ll be sure to give your opponent a challenge.


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