#01: Stage Attacks

Now it’s time to move onto the cards in Legendary Super Warriors. Let’s first start with the cards that everybody can use. Stage Attack cards can be used by any character and are the primary way of generating CC. For every successful input, an additional CC point is generated. 3 Stage Attack cards require 3 inputs while 6 Stage Attack cards require 6 inputs. The time you have to input the commands is dependant the distance between the two characters, this can be changed by using the Movement option in battle during the defensive turn.

At the start of the game you have access to 3 Stage Attack, which can be used at any time by choosing it in the ‘B’ submenu during your attack phase or alternatively by using it in your deck.

While you are charged up you can also use 4 Stage Attack. During story mode you will acquire most of the Stage Attack cards, with 6 Stage Attack becoming available once story mode is complete. You can get Stage Attack cards as rewards in Battle Modes but this is very rare.

Additional Note: By the way, if for whatever reason your stage attack fails (if you miss a button or the enemy uses foresight) then you can ‘fix it’ by pressing B at the right time. If that’s too hard, just press A to abandon the stage attack right there and get whatever CC you would have got from the completed attacks.


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