#10: Other Miscellaneous Cards

These cards are a little unusual in that they don’t really fall into any specific category. They provide support in different situations.

What the Babidi card does is unclear, but it presumably reverts any stat changes made by the enemy. When an opponent uses Gather Power, you can use Yakon to get him out of the ‘powered-up’ state.

Caps.Fridge refills 5 CC, but also costs 1, so really it gives you 4 CC. Very useful, especially in the Defense Phase, because you can never have too much CC.

Sunglasses makes Taiyoken (Solar Flare) fail. You use it before an enemy uses Taiyoken to block melee damage and then the latter will fail. – Proven by Mochi

Heart Medicine is most likely used to cancel out the effects of the Heart Virus card and is very specific if it is indeed the case.


4 thoughts on “#10: Other Miscellaneous Cards

  1. ah, i see Afterimage is here as opposed to equippable defensive cards. do you know if multiple Afterimages can be stacked?

    • also, what Babidi does is resets ALL parameters in the match for both opponents. it clears the entire slate and brings it back to the beginning stats.

      • Actually Babidi only resets stat-cards your opponent used on himself.
        So eg. if your enemy raises his attack-stats and you lower his attack-stats and afterwards play a babidi-card your opponent only loses the positive effects from his own card and thus has now lowered attack-stats, since your card won’t be negated.
        Your own stats are not touched by your own Babidi-card.

        Likewise the Heart Medicine card does the same to you, but in a positive way of course. Meaning it will cancel out all stat-lowering cards you got from the enemy while leaving your own stat-increasing card-effects untouched.

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