#06: Stat-Boosting Cards

This time we’ll take a look at stat-changing cards, in particular, the ones that increase your character’s statistics. Player in-game stats typically fluctuate between battles, some characters are affected more than others. However there are also cards that directly boost stats.

Most of these are part of the ‘item’ category so can be used by anyone, but any card with an ID number less than 083 is a character-based card and can only be used by certain characters. For example, Speed Up can only be used by Burter and the SupSaiyan cards can only be used by those who have obtained Super Saiyan status in the anime (Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, etc).

For most of the stat increases, they are temporary stat boosts that will fade over time. Most of them also do not seem effective when used more than once (with some exceptions of course).

They are the hardest cards to measure in terms of power since they don’t actually do anything on their own, they simply augment the character’s stats and make them stronger. Naturally, characters that use a lot of beams will want to increase Ki whereas those who like melee/damage attacks will prefer to increase Strength. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether these stat-boosting cards are worth your time.


5 thoughts on “#06: Stat-Boosting Cards

  1. I always felt Guru was the strongest support card, since it boosts both physical as well as ki attacks, plus its effect is stackable. After using 2x Guru, even your regular Stage Atks hit like a truck (especially if you start using 6 Stage Atks). Once you go Guru, you don’t go back.

  2. You actually seem to misunderstand a very important point with stat-cards.
    In fact their effects do NOT fade away. They can of course be lowered or dismissed through enemy cards but if your enemy does not play any cards like Heart Virus or Babidi you can consider your stats raised for the duration of the fight.
    In effect this gives you +8 for every stat-card you played (but only up to 3 times).
    You can see this on the character-screen during battle.
    Or in other words: after using one Ki+ card you can already add a blazing 8 to the strength of all your beam-attacks for the rest of that battle.

    Author’s reply: Not sure. Will do more research to verify this.

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